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Corporate Law

We help you choose and design the correct business entity. We have experience in registering Securities in New York State, drafting contracts, and representing the interests of stockholders.

We advise on business formation and organization, business planning, tax issues, and other legal matters that can arise with running a business.

One of the first things that needs to be decided when starting a business is the legal form of that business. Options include limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships. Factors that need to be evaluated when deciding the different types of formations include the number of people that will have an ownership interest in the company; whether all prospective owners are residents of the United States; the degree of protection from personal liability being sought by the prospective owners; and the costs of creating and operating such entity.

At Bhatt Law Firm we can help you decide on which entity would be right for your business and, thereafter, create the entity on your behalf. No business wants to become a part of a legal dispute. To avoid such disputes, it is important to consult with counsel on legal matters so as to avoid problems before they arise.