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Immigration Law

Under immigration law, there are broadly two types of Visas – Temporary Visas, and Permanent Visas. Bhatt Law Firm provides a variety of immigration services. Below is a list of the various fields in which we work. If you have questions about an issue pertaining to immigration law that is not listed, contact us and we will see if it is something with which we can still help.

Temporary Visas: If you need a temporary visa, to work or attend school, to start a business, for marriage, or to travel in the USA, we can help. Those visas would include a TN Visa, L Visa, O Visa, B Visa, K Visa, E-1 & E-2 Visa, & F-1 Visas.

Permanent visas, or green cards, are something Bhatt Law Firm can also help with. Permanent visas would include the following:

  1. Employment based
  2. Family based
  3. Visas obtained through the Visa Lottery.
  4. Large Investment e.g. Starting a Business

Many people are interested in obtaining a visa for employment and can show they bring specialized knowledge, skills, investment funds, or employ US Citizens.

Employment-based green cards are categorized into five basic visa categories: EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 & EB-5. Employment-based green cards give preference to those who have a unique specialization and follow a procedure to allow American jobs to be filled first and ensure that any foreign jobs will not take away American jobs.

Typically, American employers are required to advertise for positions, and show, through a labor certification process, that they were not able to find a U.S. citizen to take the job that they are hiring for. Like the green cards for a family for certain countries, some of these categories take years to obtain the green card because of quotas. Also, each category requires eligibility.